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AT&T DSL Internet Support Ticket - Conyers, Georgia - Remote Access

AT&T DSL Internet Support Ticket - Conyers, Georgia

Remote Access - Tech Support

Created By: cknewman's Picture cknewman Last Reply: cknewman's Picture cknewman
Priority Level: [Emergency] Status: [Open]
Created: 5 years ago Last Updated: 5 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 0
Product: Tech Support

The company I am referring to was a long time AT&T customer. They had a fairly high bill, but it worked for them. The company I am speaking of moved locations. So, we verified that the DSL was turned on in the new building (we actually had two DSL lines turned on for some reason or another). We also had an AT&T tech come out and activate the phone lines. There were a few bad lines, but there was enough good cable to activate all of our necessary phones and faxes. Essentially, we just moved the set up we had from one location to another. We had to order a static IP so our remote offices could reach our information (no big deal, $15 extra a month). Now, a vendor for AT&T (We soon found out later was actually not AT&T, but merely a Business in a Box vender) convinced us that we could switch to them and cut our bill in half. Okay. Well The business was up and running somewhat smoothly after the first week of transition. At least we had a stable DSL connection, and all our phones and faxes worked. Then the Business in a Box people came in a ruined EVERYTHING!!! Okay, not everything. Phones worked okay. But we no longer had internet, and our fax line was intermittent. After a few days we finally were able to get someone in Business in a Box tech support who knew a little about how their crap works. Internet was restored to the building (On a T1 connection now, which happens to be slower than the DSL service we had). The big issue was that we can not get our remote users logged in. The Business in a Box router refuses to let outside access to our internal router. Even in DMZ we could not get the remote users in. So, since we never wanted the T1 internet anyway, we have been battling with AT&T to get a DSL line restored. But, wait, we can't because Business in a Box converted all of our old lines into digital and run them all over one connection into the building. Then they disconnected every other cable coming into the building. So, to restore DSL we have to order a new stand alone line. And guess what. I can't get someone on the phone to do that. To put this problem into how much AT&T has screwed us over I will show you our timeline just in regards to when Business in a Box screwed up. March 6th morning everything was working. We had finally figured out how to turn on the DSL, had the fax line sending AND receiving, and the phones all worked. March 6th at lunch Business in a box technician came out and installed their crap. Now phones work, but nothing else does. Then the Technician leaves. So now we have no internet, no remote access, no fax's at all. March 6th afternoon spent calling AT&T internet says we have been disconnected and we have to talk to Business in a Box to get internet restored. Three hours spent calling to get someone in Business in a Box who has any idea of whats going on. But they can't help because we are in provosioning. March 7th, still no word from AT&T but we managed to figure out how to get internet restored through the business in a box platform. But now none, of our outside companies can remote in. Spent all week March 10th through March 14th trying to get this resolved. For one, AT&T can't find the multiple tickets submitted. They sent out a technician for the fax line who fixed it for a meesly few hours before it crapped out again. Fast forward to today. AT&T finally sent out a technician worth something. He hepled me troubleshoot the situation. What AT&T Business in a Box fool has done is disconnect every signal into the building except one. On that one line they are running all the digital phone numbers, the fax line (digital too I suppose), and the interent. All other connections disconnected. We managed to get the fax up and running by splitting the line into the building with phone and DSL. Now I have been on hold with AT&T for 45 minutes waiting to talk to someone about ordering a new stand alone number just to restore DSL that wasn't supposed to be cut off in the first place. In total: 13 days down for offsite locations, over 50 hours spent on the phone with different AT&T departments, and the only things resolved is interent and phones work in the immediate building, but remote users can't log in, and fax just got restored. I am curious to see how all this ends up. ANSWER THE PHONE AT&T!!! I actually need to ADD SERVICE!!!

Next Day:Update: Ordered a stand alone number for the DSL with a static IP. AT&T says we are capped out for DSL. Right now we have to create a ticket (woo hoo) for field techs to come out and tell us we can put DSL in. See the techs to come out and confirm we can get DSL where we had DSL. I was told 24 hour turnaround. Now we wait to get a call from AT&T, meanwhile our remote clients are still down. AT&T still not making me satisfied (They keep asking that at the end of every call, yet they never seem to really care).

Next Day:Well I sent a private message, and guess what. NO RESPONSE!!! Worthless company. I have also called AT&T twice this morning to get an update on our DSL order. The first person I got said he could not help me but would get the number of someone who could help me. 15 minutes on hold I hung up. The second time person I talked to said they need to get more information and I was put on hold for 20 minutes. Guess what, I hung up again. Can any one over there do anythig useful? I guess not

Next day:So, I called 1800-288-2020 and they said they could not help me because we are a legacy customer. The told me to call 1866-694-2768. I did and they told me that because we aren't not a federal agency they could no help me. They gave me the number to ticketing to check on my ticket status 1800 615-0709. That number told me to go online or text my info to get an update and then made a beep to leave a message. I went online and put in the ticket number I was given yesterday (The one in which I would have result in 24 hours) and got "We can't locate your ticket number. Verify the number and try again, or call the maintenance center telephone number provided with your service agreement." Just trying to get someone to help. Apparently, no one from this forum, anyone on any phone number for AT&T, or even emailing can help. Dead end?

Next:Okay, this time the customer service representative at the 1800-288-2020 number actually asked if this call was about the service technician being sent out to the location. Then without asking she transfered me to an AT&T technician line for AT&T employees only. I had no AT&T number to log in so another dead end. Any one over there have any idea what's going on?

Next:I called to check on the progress of determining the "DSL cap" in the area. I got a helpful individual who informed me someone must have "dropped the ball" because there was no action being done on the account (AKA, no ticket). He assured me he would personally handle it, and get the technicians out there within 24 hours (Heard that before). Meanwhile it has been almost two full weeks that the business has been down and unable to even write payroll checks. What an absolute nightmare this has become.

Next:The technician I spoke with on Monday was unreachable. The number he gave me sends you to one of AT&T's automated phone services. There was no prompt for putting in an extension. So, I prompted my way through to another technician and asked her to transfer me to him. She informed me she was unable to do that. However, she would email the technician to have him call me. I never heard from either technician the rest of the day. I decided to call the Business in a Box people for help again. The girl who I spoke with assured me she would get the problem solved. 20 minutes later she called me back with DSL tech support on the line. I had to inform the technician that we had no DSL connection coming into the building, Business in a Box disconnected all of them when they installed their platform. She informed me we need to have a new DSL line put in (naw, REALLY?). They said they would work on getting that for us (even though I had been trying to do this for five days now). At 3 o'clock an AT&T representative called me and said she would send out a technician tomorrow between 8 and noon.

Update today: Heard nothing from AT&T until 10:30 when our account manager contacted me. She informed me that she just had our problem come across her desk late last night. So today the account manager let me know that she would be more than happy to help solve our situation. They informed us that for a new charge they could set up VPN (even though the business in a box platform we bought stated remote acces would be included) to get our remote users in. The technician informed us that the business in a box platform t1's firewall will not allow remote access. They also want to add a new fee for each location that needs to access the VPN. We just want the remote users to be able to work. Apparently that is too much to ask from something you would think could do that (they call it business in a box, but it's more like business that blocks you from working smoothly) The account manager and her team said they would work on something that would solve our problem and get back to us today (fingers crossed).

Next:Almost 10 am on Friday and still no word from our supposed AT&T account manager even though they stated they would call us yesterday. Seems to be a pattern growing with the real AT&T customer support.

Next:Never heard from our account manager all day. I tried calling and got voice mail. I also tried emailing, and was not surprised to find that her email address was incorrect. Not sure what avenue to even pursue now. Anyone out there know how to get AT&T to work with you to fix a problem and actually follow through on their end?

Next:Left a message for our supposed "Account Manager" again this morning because they never seem to actually answer the phone. Just a recap for all of you out there. The business is running the business in a box platform. All their lines have been digitized. Luckily they used the fax line as the main line in, and I was able to put a DSL/phone splitter to get the fax working correctly. We have been able to get internet internally for the business using the switch on the business in a box. However, it does lose connection every 10 minutes for about 10 seconds. Our remote users were unable to reach our server for two weeks and AT&T was absolutely NO help whatsoever. Finally, we had to create a LogMeIn account at our companies expense to at least get the remote users able to enter data. But, because the internet cuts out every 10 minutes, the remote users get disconnected every 10 minutes. One could imagine the frustration. We are still trying to get SOMEONE at AT&T to help, but so far it's been fruitless.


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